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On Find Your Inner Glitter with Life Coach Lurlene

a life coaching seminar disguised as a comedy act, melding and blurring the lines so that entertainment oh-so-cleverly left them with a message.                                 
Nancy Colasurdo -  Fox Business   

On You Can Get There From Here
With two years of performances and help from director Samantha Jones,  this one-woman show has evolved into a meaningful and entertaining play.
Cathy Veit-  

On No Traveler
No Traveler a clever piece of theatre .... the kind of show that the Fringe should be about.. 
Kate Copstick - The Scotsman

No Traveler is probably one of the best one-woman-shows I have ever seen. 
Karen Tortora- The Happiest Medium

No Traveler is an odd little play. But in the skilled hands of director Samantha Jones, it is a pleasure to watch.       
Byrne Harrison -

It is my honor to be asked to write about my experience with Samantha Jones. Samantha brings the meaning of "Director" to it's highest level.  She directed my last solo show (You CAN get there from here...) with such care, joy and clarity that I left each rehearsal walking on air.  She always took great care around the deeper emotional scenes, allowing me freedom and safety to explore the feelings that I needed to bring greater depth to a specific scene, while keeping me focused on the purpose of those feelings.  In other words, she kept me balanced.  She asked probing questions and helped me bring out the stories that better suited what I desired to express to my audience.  She helped me define my message while maintaining the hilarity of the situations.  My solo show became a clearer, funnier and more powerful piece because of the direction and insights of Samantha.  And, boy, did we Laugh!! I have studied and performed professionally for 25 years now and I can say without any hesitation that working with Samantha was the Best experience I have every had ~ ever. Joy, Respect, Honor, Care, Wisdom, Consciousness ~ these words sum up who Samantha is for me as an actress, writer, performer and person.
Kristin Ace ~ You Can Get There from Here - storyteller, writer and performer